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PRIVATE SELLERS TABLE – 25 June 2023 (digital)

PRIVATE SELLERS TABLE – 25 June 2023 (digital)

Crepe City - Glasgow - 25.06.2023

VENUE : BOXHUB WAREHOUSE, 619 South Street, Glasgow

PRIVATE SELLER TABLES FOR : Sneaker Sellers, Artists, Customisers


These tables are not for clothing brands.


If you wish to bring your own clothing rail, please contact

A booking for 2 tables includes 2 seller wristbands. A booking for 4 tables includes 4 seller wristbands.

Any additional bands would need to be purchased for £20 either via the website or in cash on the day.


2 tables total size of space : 6ft x 5ft

4 tables total size of space : 12ft x 5ft


To avoid disappointment please read the descriptions below about the other types space we offer before making a purchase. 


    For larger brands or more space please contact

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