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Crepe City is a lifestyle, footwear and fashion festival that showcases leading street wear brands from across Europe and is host to the world’s largest market of exclusive and hard to find sneakers.

We were founded in London in 2009 when we became the UK's first event where sneaker collectors could meet up, socialise and trade in trainers. We exist to celebrate the UK sneaker scene and to support up and coming brands. 

Prior to founding Crepe City we ran the KicksXchange forum which from its launch in 2006 grew into one of the worlds leading forums for buying and selling sneakers.

Since Crepe City began our small team have strived to ensure that the events are well run with the greatest quality and quantity of sneakers. 

Aside from running events, Crepe City have supported the growth of the UK Sneaker Community through our Facebook and Instagram pages which are the UK's largest and most active.

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